Product of the Month | Shakeology

This is the most nutritious product I have ever seen. If you are in to health/nutrition you have to see the list of ingredients. I will list them on the bottom.

It is great as a meal replacement, for weight loss and it gives you a ton of energy. I recommend the chocolate vegan flavor mixed with organic rice or almond milk in a blender bottle  (a blender bottle is a bottle made to mix shakes with a wire whisk ball inside to mix the powder better.  You can buy it on Amazon or most nutrition shops.)  It tastes like chocolate milk. I’ve drank this almost every day for the last few years for breakfast. It starts you off with a ton of energy and clear headed. I will list the ingredients on the bottom.  Click the link below for some great videos about where the ingredients come from and the benefits.

Where to get it– Shakeology is only sold online. Here is the link

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