5 Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer

If you are a type of person who likes to hit the gym, you are probably thinking to yourself that you don’t really need a personal trainer. After all, you have enough discipline to show up at the gym regularly. It’s easy to think that it’s only a matter of time until get your body where it needs to be as far as strength, training and appearance goes. For the most past, you are probably just fooling yourself.

There’s a reason why there’s a huge market for personal trainer services. The market is huge because people actually need such services. It also follows that these service providers produce real results. If you think about it, the market would evaporate overnight if people found out that the average personal trainer really won’t do you much good as far as your fitness and weight goals are concerned. If you are still on the fence regarding hiring a personal trainer, please pay attention to the following benefits you would get in hiring these particular type of specialist.

 1. Structure and Accountability

Most Americans are very busy. There are just so many things competing for our attention. We have many obligations. In many cases, 24 hours is not enough for a given day. It’s too easy to apply for a gym membership, show up for the first few weeks, and then forget about it. Month after month your gym membership becomes due and you pay again and again. The worst part is you never use it. That’s how gyms make money. They constantly overbook yet they are never at risk of going belly up because most of the people who buy memberships simply drop out.

If you hire the service of a personal trainer on top of the fees you pay for a gym, you are more likely to get your money’s worth from your gym fees. A personal trainer pushes you to show up on time. As the old saying goes “showing up is half the battle”. If you want to get fit and if you want your body to be lean, mean and clean, you need to show up and do work at the proper place, at the proper time.

A personal trainer is going to get paid if you set up a schedule with that person. It doesn’t matter whether you show up or not, that person is going to get paid. At the very least, the financial incentive is there. Also, when you do show up, that person is going to motivate you. When you make an appointment with a trainer they keep you accountable.

2.  Motivation

While you’re in the middle of a work out, it’s very easy to lose heart. It’s very easy to compromise with yourself. This happens to the very best of us. A lot of people basically bargain with themselves and tell their self, “I’ll just do a better job tomorrow.” Guess what, tomorrow never comes. The more excuses you give yourself to slack off, the less serious you become to yourself.

Eventually, there’s a part in your brain that would just insist on staying home. The more you give in to this part of your brain, the harder it would be for you to show up in the gym. You will lose all motivation and you remain in bad shape.

When you are dealing with a personal trainer, this person will require your permission to bug you. This person will call, text, email you or do whatever it takes to get you to show up physically in the gym. Once you are at the gym, this person will get on your case so you’ll go through your agreed exercises. This may be annoying. This might even be irritating, but eventually you will get used to it. Ultimately, you will get over the resistance of showing up at the gym and look forward to it. You only have to thank your personal trainer for that. This person will motivate you to get over your initial resistance.

3.  Expertise

It’s very common for people who have the will power and the personal drive to show up at the gym regularly. Unfortunately, despite their best effort they still don’t look as good as they wished. Maybe, they’re looking for six pack abs. Maybe, they’re looking for giant arms. Maybe they just want to lose weight or feel better. Whatever physique they are looking for, they just don’t have it. It is a puzzle why they can’t get the body that they desire.

These are exactly the type of people that need a personal trainer. Personal trainers have the experience required to train certain muscles. They know which exercises produce the best results with the least amount of time. They will help you establish a workout routine that would help you get close to the ideal body you are shooting for. They have that expertise. Isn’t it the time, you tap that expertise?

4.  Efficiency

Even if you were to show up at the gym consistently and use the machines the right way, you might still end up losing out. Why? If you are the typical American, you are very busy. There’s just so many obligations taking up your time. For every hour you spend at the gym, you’re necessarily not spending an hour with your children, family, business, or work. In other words you’re losing out.

Working with a personal trainer can help you do the exercises in the most efficient way possible. There are exercise routines which enable you to get really toned and lose a lot of weight without spending so much time at the gym. It sounds impossible, but it’s absolutely true. If you want to find an answer, get in touch with a certified personal trainer.

5.  Emotional support

Hitting the gym day after day can be very tiring. It requires a lot of sacrifices. In many cases, it requires you to push back against your comfort zone. Let’s face it. All of us human beings are creatures of comfort. If we get used to doing things a certain way, a certain comfort level appears. It’s very hard to let go of that comfort level. It’s really hard to let go of certain physical habits.

When you work with a personal trainer, you are dealing with somebody who has been where you are. They will give you the emotional support you need so you can put in the work and overcome the initial resistance your body would put up. If you have resolved to try to lose weight and get a better body, your body would put up a fight. After all, you are used to doing things a certain way. You have certain physical habits.

By getting the proper emotional support, you will find the will power you need to overcome and reach a point of momentum. When you reach that point of momentum, it becomes easier for you to hit the gym and do your workout with a high level of intensity. You eventually get used to that way of working out. To get to that point you need the proper level of emotional support from a trained physical trainer.

by Matt Hanson, Las Vegas Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and Functional Medicine Health Coach

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