Measurable Goals

The problem with many workout routines is that people don’t set the bar high enough. Instead of setting specific goals, they come up with something like “losing a few pounds” or “getting in better shape.”

These are still worthy aspirations and will be achieved through this plan. But I’ve found that if people don’t set specific goals, they don’t maximize their results. Once they drop a few pounds or drop an inch or two, it’s easy to rationalize missing a workout, because they’ve already reached those modest goals.

These are not just physical goals but also performance goals. For instance, if you play golf, this program could easily add 20 yards to your drive. Or running a mile in under eight minutes. Goals should be both short term and long term.

Sample Goal Format

Goal One (6 weeks) _____________________________________________________________________

Goal Two (3 months) ____________________________________________________________________

Goal Three (6 months) ___________________________________________________________________

Goal Four (1 year) ______________________________________________________________________

Goal Five (18 months) ___________________________________________________________________

Goal Six (2 years) ______________________________________________________________________

by Matt Hanson, Las Vegas Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and Functional Medicine Health Coach

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