Relax, Unwind, and Sweat it Out: The Benefits of Sauna

Ah, the sauna. Just thinking about it evokes a sense of relaxation and calm. And if you’ve experienced sitting in the sauna and sweating out your worries, then you know just how therapeutic it can be! But beyond it’s immediate mental health benefits, there are many scientifically-backed advantages to using a sauna. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why taking a break in the sauna might be just what the doctor ordered.

Mental Health Benefits

Saunas can help reduce stress levels by promoting feelings of calmness and relaxation. This is likely due to their ability to increase endorphin levels—a hormone that helps regulate our emotions and feelings of pleasure—while also reducing cortisol levels—a hormone associated with stress. Spending time in the sauna can also help boost overall mood by increasing serotonin levels, which helps us feel happier and more relaxed. Additionally, research has found that regular use of infrared saunas can improve symptoms of depression for some people.

Physical Health Benefits

Using a sauna can also have physical benefits as well! Research suggests that regular use of infrared saunas may help reduce inflammation throughout the body while also helping to relieve chronic pain caused by muscle tension or joint stiffness. It can also speed up post-workout recovery by increasing blood flow and circulation throughout your body, which helps deliver essential nutrients to your muscles faster than ever before! Additionally, spending time in the sauna may even help support cardiovascular health by improving heart rate variability—the amount of time between heart beats—which is associated with better overall heart health.

So there you have it! Taking some time out for yourself in the sauna is not only relaxing but comes with numerous physical and mental benefits as well! From relieving stress to improving physical health outcomes (not to mention helping you sweat out those pesky toxins), there are few better ways to treat yourself than taking a break in the sauna every now and then. So grab your towel and get ready for an all-around wellness experience like no other!

By: Matt Hanson Las Vegas Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and Functional Medicine Health Coach

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